How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

How To Flash Software On CDMA Phones | CDMA Flash Tool

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on installing software on Qualcomm CDMA phones. If you are using any Qualcomm CDMA mobile phone and now trying to flash stock ROM to repair your mobile, this guide is for you. Download Stock ROM (Firmware) for your phone and spark it with the CDMA download tool.

CDMA download tool is a free stock firmware flashing tool for all CDMA Qualcomm devices. The best thing is that its easy-to-use interface allows users to install new software without technical knowledge.

This guide will try to explain each necessary step with required screenshots so that you can follow all the CDMA mobile flashing instructions without any issue.How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

Before jumping into the flashing guide, it’s essential to know that this process will completely wipe all user and phone data. So, it’s highly recommended to backup the device before using this tool.

Download CDMA Software Download Tool

CDMA Download Tool is compatible with all version of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 11 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case you were looking for the latest version of the CDMA Download Tool, then use the following links to get it on your computer: – Latest

Install bin Firmware On Qualcomm CDMA Devices

CDMA software download tool supports only and only Qualcomm CDMA devices. Another important thing is, firmware files should be in .bin format, and otherwise, the agency will not respond to your mobile.

Let’s see how to use the Qualcomm CDMA download tool to flash stock firmware?

  1. Before doing anything, install or update Qualcomm USB Host USB drivers on windows pc. Skip the step if already installed.
  2. Next, download correct and supportable software (stock ROM) for your device and extract it on the desktop.
  3. Now, extract the CDMA software download tool zip file on the desktop. After that, you will see the below files.How to use CDMA Software Download Tool 
    1. Find the SoftDownload (customer_en).exe setup file and run it as administrator. It’s a portable CDMA flash tool, so you no need to install it on pc.

    How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

    1. Once the CDMA flash tool launched on pc, click on “Settings” button from top of the tool.

    How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

    1. From the tool, click on “Write Code” option >> again click on “Browser” button and load the code.bin file from the extracted firmware folder.

    How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

    1. Same as above, click on “Write EFS” option >>> click on “Browse” button and load the efs.bin file from the firmware folder.

    How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

    1. After applying the entire above configuration, click on the “OK” button from the bottom of the tool.

    How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

    1. Come to the device >> power off it >>> connect the device with pc via working USB cable. For some devices, you may have to press the boot key. Boot key may be different for different CDMA devices. Do Google to find the boot key for your model or comment us with model name & number
    2. Again come to the tool and press the “Play/Start” button to begin the firmware flashing process.
    3. If the device is correctly connected with a PC, the tool will detect the device and start installing new software on CDMA mobile. Wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
    4. End of the successful firmware installation, the tool will show the Green Pass message in the log window.

    How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

    1. Done!!! You have successfully flashed your CDMA mobile without facing any error.

    Fix Version.dll Error In CDMA Software Download Tool

    How to use CDMA Software Download Tool

    First time users may see the “No give the path of the file (version.dll) Re-Setup Please” error for CDMA tool. Don’t worry about it and kindly ignore the error. The error version.dll comes due to firmware location not pre-installed in the swdlcg.wt file. Just load the firmware file and the error will be removed automatically.

    This is all about CDMA firmware flashing using the CDMA software download tool. This tool supports almost all Qualcomm chipset based CDMA mobile phones. Just download free CDMA flash tool latest version with official stock ROM and start flashing it by applying the above instructions.

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